Regimental Distinctions

The Stable Belt

The Hauraki Battalion's stable belt was introduced in 1975, The colours on the stable belt are Thames Blue with a Gold stripe in the center (See image below) which are derived from those of the helmet hackles once worn by members of the old Royal Warwickshire Regiment, which the Hauraki Regiment was granted a Regimental Alliance in 1925. The Royal Warwickshire Regiment is derived from the old 6th Regiment of Foot (the 6th Foot), whcih was once charged with guarding the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.The Thames Blue in the stable belt represents the the Thames River overlooked by the Tower where the Gold represents the Crown Jewels.



Appendix Three - Regimental Distinctions, Comrades Brave, A history of the Hauraki Regiment, Richard Taylor

6 Hauraki Battalion, The Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment -

The 6 Hauraki Battalion Stable Belt with badge